29 Oct 2021

Woodley Equipment

Stand 944

Tel: 01204 669033

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.woodleyequipment.com

Twitter: @Woodley_Equip

Woodley provides diagnostic laboratory equipment for human and veterinary markets. 

Woodley Laboratory Diagnostics specialising in niche Point of Care solutions; a master distributor of QBC dry haematology analysers, QBC fluorescence microscopy solutions, Vision Microscopes and Clinispin centrifuges. New analysers for the human market will launch in 2022.

Woodley Veterinary Diagnostics supplies worldwide veterinary distributors with laboratory diagnostic products including; InSight Veterinary Lab System (haematology, chemistry, immunoassay), coagulation, critical care, blood gas/electrolyte analysers and handheld meters.