22 Nov 2021

Genetic Signatures Ltd

Stand: F4

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://www.geneticsignatures.com/eu/

Twitter: @GeneticSig

Genetic Signatures improves patient care and outcomes by developing innovative diagnostic technologies which simplify molecular pathology. Genetic Signatures' proprietary 3baseTM platform technology forms the cornerstone of our EasyScreen™ Detection Kits, and reduces the genetic complexity of infection detection in molecular testing.

Our tests enable hospital and pathology facilities to use standard equipment and procedures to screen more accurately for a wide range of infectious diseases. Results are delivered in hours, compared with days for traditional methods. Timely and accurate diagnosis results in appropriate infection control measures that reduce costs and save lives. By minimising customers' workloads and maximising results, Genetic Signatures delivers value to its customers while improving community health globally.