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BHR Pharmaceuticals Limited is a market leader in the provision of Point of Care diagnostics. The takeover by Biosynex, has added to our ability to provide a portfolio of tests which is unmatched by most other diagnostic houses. Our goals include moving appropriate tests from the lab closer to the patient.  This helps shorten patient pathways, improving the patient experience, and delivering efficiencies for consultants, GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals. BHR is adding value to laboratory testing with point-of-care diagnostics that are accurate, reliable, fast and very easy to perform.

These qualities enhance the health care professional’s toolkit in their bid to save time, money and improving their patients’ health. Our point-of-care diagnostics have been carefully chosen to assist in streamlining healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. Add our renowned service and support programmes and you get a full solution from BHR Pharmaceuticals Ltd