COVID-19 Safety Measures

The IBMS takes the safety of delegates, exhibitors and staff at Congress very seriously and accordingly we will be implementing on-site COVID-19 safety measures that go beyond the minimum requirements currently that are in place across the UK.

All attendees entering the Congress areas of the ICC will be required to show a valid NHS COVID pass or evidence of a registered negative lateral flow test taken within 24 hours of arrival.

All attendees will be asked to wear a face covering, if possible, while on site.

All delegates and exhibition visitors will be checked by ICC staff for compliance with the above requirement and will be denied entry unless able to demonstrate medical exemption.

When you are planning your travel to Congress, please allow extra time for the pre-registration COVID-19 status check when you arrive as lectures will start promptly at 9am.

COVID-19 status checks at Congress

If you are vaccinated please verify your status via the NHS COVID-19 Pass validated for your time at Congress.

You will not be required to go through the COVID-19 checks again and will be provided with a coloured wristband that will allow you to be fast-tracked at any check points throughout your attendance.  

Although it will not be necessary for anyone who is vaccinated to again pass through COVID-19 checks, for the health and safety of everyone at Congress, it would be appreciated if you take a:

  • Valid NHS COVID-19 test before arrival
  • Lateral flow COVID-19 test for each 48-hour period that you are at Congress.

If you are not vaccinated and are relying on a valid NHS COVID-19 test for access to Congress, please note that you will be required to:

  • Provide confirmed proof of a negative test result taken within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Take an additional test and pass through the COVID-19 checks again after every 48 hours of your time at Congress (if attending that long).

If you are attending Congress for more than two days, please bring with  you a COVID-19 Self-Test Kit and also register your test result via to provide proof of the negative test at the COVID-19 status checkpoint.

We are sure you will understand and support the measures we are taking to help to keep our delegates and visitors safe at Congress.

Further questions

Please call the Congress helpline on 01892 779990.